Indonesian Teak Wood


For years, decking and flooring by DARATA have been two of the best products ever been made. Taken only from the finest timber, brought from Asia and Africa our decking and flooring are leading the market. DARATA has the best Wall Cladding taken from the finest materials we ever had. Elegant, stunning, stylish and practical are the characteristics we emphasize. Go on utilize it for bathrooms, showers, kitchens, utilities, bedrooms, playrooms, offices, and many others.
Wooden House and Gazebo from DARATA are another essential element in making a building. Wooden House and Gazebo depicts beauty and art from a building. That is why we made them in some special ways with only the finest materials selected. Choose the fittest and the unsurpassed Wooden House and Furniture at a good durability. Decking is one of the ultimate products from DARATA. Paying more attention to details is one thing to do to make a home better. We have the best details to be applied on a home in our decking products. Don't end up decorating your house without adding the best decking from DARATA.
Knock Down and pre fab structures are two of our ultimate products. Knock down products are made from the finest materials, and pre fab structures are conducted in our factory in Bali. So we can assure the quality of each product. Roofing is an essential element in to make a building. DARATA offers a wide range of roofing selected from the most quality materials from Indonesia. Any theme of a building: casual, formal, fun, elegant, minimalist, luxurious, modern or ethnic, we cover those themes up.
Joinery as the central element in wooden related furniture is provided in DARATA. Made from the strongest materials, Joinery by DARATA is worth buying. Bamboo comes as one of our best products. Taken from the finest materials of tropical bamboos, DARATA made it a challenge to explore what is best on bamboo to make any bamboo products. Different, unique and exceptional are what made it worth buying.